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South Africa Project Launch in Belgium
Wisehub 2019

March 2020 Update - Project South Africa

23 March 2020, George, SOUTH AFRICA

AgrAcademy News Portal

January 2020 Newsletter Update

23 January 2020, George, SOUTH AFRICA

Vocational Training Agriculture - January Update

Of all the resources required to reach our goals in this initiative, human capacity stands as the most important. Abraham Martin is a gem of such a resource to us. He shares insights and experience with our young students without holding back or fearing that others may use those insights to make great strides in life for themselves.

Leading Young People to Ensure Food Security in South Africa

1 January, 2020 BRUSSELS, Belgium

Abraham Martin

The young people who experienced his enormous value and wealth of knowledge have spoken out over their views on what he has meant to them and how they have benefit from relating to him.

Vocational Training in Agriculture Camp - South Africa

First Footprints to give Soul to South Africa's Soil

Learning Academy Worldwide (LAW), the Swedish-based humanitarian support organization spent 8 days, having started on 25 October in the Southern Cape region in South Africa to initiate its Agri-Learn-Earn-Transform project, support 10 schools' track-and-field sprint athletes in their development and sensitized students, teachers and families to their psychological and mental well-being.

South Africa Agriculture Vocational Training 2020-2021 Launched in Brussels

3 October 2019 - Brussels, BELGIUM

A unique Vocational Training in Agriculture project was launched on Wednesday 2 October at the Swedish Representation to the EU offices in Brussels.

The initiaitve is in support of South Africa's need of a national skills foresight capable of freeing its young people to be key implementors of an execution strategy that will lead to sustainable growth, employability and social inclusion.This need is particularly dire in the country’s agriculture model. This project will, in collaboration with multi-sector and international partners model the learning strategy with 26 young people on the Herold Meander Farm in the Southern Cape, South Africa.

Access to a farm in the Southern Cape district that will serve as a hub for the vocational training in agriculture initiative, local government assurance of including the project in its local farmer development program and an endorsement from the South African Ambassador to Belgium were highlighted as key indicators of the helpful contribution that the project will make in the country.

Stefan Frey, Agriculture Specialist from Germany presented the knowledge and factual underpinnings that are keys to initiating and sustaining value partnerships capable of igniting youth capacity.