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South Africa Project Launch in Belgium
Wisehub 2019

They have Tickets - They're Gonna Use Them

The South will have a word for the North when Ms Jane Tsharane and Mr Themba Sokhabase speak at Wisehub Voice Europe from 25th January 25 to 6th February 2019.

Interactive engagements with educators, researchers and business in Brussels, Rome and Stockholm will allow these two forward-thinking Principals from Sefako Mapogo Makgatho Primary School (Atteridgeville - GAUTENG) and Siphosethu Primary School (Ntuzuma - KZN) to learn and share as listeners and voices from the trenches of learning in South Africa.

Both Ms Tsharane and Mr Sokhabase have booked their tickets for their 11-day program in Europe.

These leaders share in a journey as professionals who constantly seek and deploy creative ways of inspiring their teachers, lead with integrity and expand their knowledge of cutting edge solutions while remaining sensitive to the realities in their communities. Part of the Wisehub community in South Africa, they also engage in collaboratives with other school leaders and groups on a regular basis.

They also lead their schools in a collaborative partnership based on the conviction that exchanges between schools hold enormous possibilities for serious teachers, eager students and high stakes communities. They recently completed a 2-day exchange when Ms Tsharane together with her school's Technology Support Assistant, Mr Tebogo Sibiya, visted Siphosethu Primary School.

Two Schools, One Dream

Jane Tsharane, principal from Sefako Mapogo Makgatho primary school in Saulsville, PRETORIA traveled to Ntuzuma in DURBAN to connect with her counterpart, Mr Themba Sokhabase, at Siphosethu Primary School.

They are leading their schools in preparation for two key milestones: They will be presenting at the Wisehub Summit 2018 in Bloemfontein at the Central University of Technology and they will also contribute during the Education Stockholm Innovate for Wisehubbers end of January 2019.

Key areas of their presentation are concerned with how they collaborate to use technology for efficiency, how project-based learning adds to student performance through the PhotoBook project and how principals and teachers impact each others’ leadership and pedagogical competence.

Ms Tsharane and Mr Sokhabase spent valuable time in dialogue about their own stories, who their mentors are, what they have learnt through making tough decisions and how they embrace innovative technologies. They also reiterated the need to stay courageous despite the difficulties of over-sized classes and listed space.

The two schools are now officially on course for a continued meaningful partnership which will be reciprocated by a visit to Pretoria in July this year.

They value the importance of engaging young people to serve as support to schools is also a top priority for this collaboration. Ms Tsharane brought her Tech Assistance, the young Tebogo Sibiya, with her from Pretoria and, connecting with Siphosethu Primary’s Bhekani Hlubi now enables even sharing of good practices between the young people.

Mr Sibiya and Mr Hlubi are supported by Learning Academy Worldwide’s Youth Character Development program and the two schools are recipients of their service and growing expertise.

A New Model for Youth Character Development Rises With One Voice

30 April, 2018

Determined around the conviction that the solutions needed for character and competence development amongst our young people in South Africa are closer than we think and the arts, music in particular, play a crucial and vital role, Learning Academy Worldwide committed resources and expertise to give a group of young singers a chance to become the catalyst for change in South Africa.

Serious questions like, What if the development of young people's talent could position us all to provide unique learning experiences and what if global and national networks could come alongside these young people in adding meaningfully to those learning experiences?

Action was taken and since its launch on 17 March 2018, the Kholwa Brothers have been in a structured and innovative learning experience that is bound to lead these young people in growing in their capacity to make sound choices based on a comprehensive core knowledge in relevant learning areas.

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