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South Africa Project Launch in Belgium
Wisehub 2019

1 August, 2019, BRUSSELS

January 2020 will see the commencement of a unique project where young people from the Southern Cape region in South Africa will participate in a Learn-And-Earn initiative.

Funding applications for this youth development program is in its final phases and the launch date of 25 October 2019 have been finalized, taking place in George, SOUTH AFRICA.

For all the talk about 'changing how (we) grow food ... the use of Drones, satellite imagery, and precision farming ... the role of technology to improve costs, yield, and other key factors', it is the workforce and skilled management of farming for South Africa's future that presents a worrying risk.

Seeking to address that dilemma, this initiative will:

  • Create an enabling environment where young people are familiarized with the entire agricultural value chain, build a reliable database of relevant knowledge, add to knowledge and skills that immediately leads to employment opportunities and nurture personal development and self-mastery skills..
  • Provide training in collaboration and partnership within Farming, Processing & Packaging, Seedling Growing, Fertilizer Producing and Blending, Farming Equipment while collaborating with National, Municipal regulations together with Technology & Agriculture and International besst practices exchange opportunities. .
  • Demonstrate a transferable model to comprehensively address youth unemployment in the context of addressing real solutions for dealing with the threats to food security in South Africa, the continent and the world.