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South Africa Project Launch in Belgium
Wisehub 2019

30 June, 2017, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Three representatives from Wisehub Schools in the Western Cape are on their way to the US for training as Growing Leaders to be held in Indianapolis from 13-14 July 2017.

Learning Academy Worldwide's recently initiated partnership with Growing Leaders Inc. paved the way for the travel, accommodation and training grant for three representatives from Wisehub project schools in South Africa.

Russell Andrews from Kerria Primary School, Nazli Moralie from Kannemeyer Primary School and Alexander Solomons from Parkview Primary School, are busy packing their bags for the journey to Indianapolis, INDIANA.

They will enjoy the best possible preparation to become Habitudes Facilitators from one of the most innovative and interactive training programs. The team have, in preparation, already seen the congruence to the learning area called, Life Orientation in the South African Curriculum. Additionally, possibilities exist for youth character development and improving the confidence level of our young people in South Africa, especially during the vital phase of adolescence.