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Agriculture Vocational Training

Student-Led, Teacher-Guided Problem-Solving Initiatives

The benefits of student-led and teacher-guided participation in problem-solving initiatives at school are valuable to consider when planning for fundraising initiatives.

We believe that if the students participate in the dialogue about the school's priorities and needs and if the students are rewarded, financially or in-kind, they will see themselves as agents of change.

What benefits are there for the students?

  • They see the connection between excellent writing skills and employment. The better you write, the more you earn.
  • They are made aware of new possibilities of employment. For example, this project teaches research skills that can be used to find donors/sponsors. A good survey is important to fundraising. Another example is in the area of design. We will teach students how to design and create videos, flyers and posters. Financial and resource management skills are useful to learn as a result of the cash and in-kind donations. Online donations are increasingly becoming a norm because of its ease and reduction of costs to collect. Learning all these will give our learners a picture of the full supply chain in this financial and resource management.
  • They see the difference all their hard work makes. If they communicate well and maintain the school website and design powerful flyers/videos to donors and funders, it will show in demonstrative ways that their hard work is, literally, paying off.