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Founder's $10k Challenge

2 July 2022, Oskarshamn, SWEDEN

Today I am putting out a challenge to those who know about and are interested in the grand work I am honoured to be involved in within Vocational Training in Agriculture in the country of my birth, South Africa.

Donate $100 and I will add $25.

The teachers and students at the school I founded in Haarlem in the Southern Cape in South Africa are 1 month away from completing their first unit in Agricultural Science. Sixteen (16) out of the twenty (20) students who started the program will receive a certificate in Plant Production ready to start the next three year study. Eight (8) students are already placed in fully paid employment with our partner, Bluedelite Nursery where even horticulture studies showcases a true learning-and-earning model.

To celebrate this achievement and to continue supporting our teachers and students I commit to add 25% to every donation we receive over the next week ending on 9 July 2022.

That means that 25c will be added to every dollar you donate up to $10k!

Thank you



High Retention after First Year of Study

30 June 2022, Oskarshamn, SWEDEN

At the end of July 2022, 16 out of the 20 students who started their formal studies will complete their first level of the fully accredited Plant Production Certificate.

Eight (8) students from this cohort are already placed in the workplace at Bluedelite Nursery. This is a monumental milestone after the 25 October 2019 start in South Africa of the Agri-Learn-And-Earn concept.

Learning Academy Worldwide presented the idea at the Brussels, BELGIUM event in October of 2019. It effectively ignited a movement where learning and earning in the community, in the trenches, became a test case for local learning.


DONATE by 9th July and we will add 25% of your donation up to a total donation of $10k to extend impact

Representing Vocational Training in Agriculture at GreenTech 2022

17 June 2022, Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS

FLTR - Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter (Learning Academy Worldwide), Tom Zoellner, Secretary General of FarmTechSociety and Nader Imani,Head of Global Education Projects, Festo Didactic

Learning Academy Worldwide represented AGRACDEMY, the South African educational initiative, at GreenTech 2022 in Amsterdam - an event described as 'the #1 horticulture technology platform in the Netherlands, where industry professionals from all over the world come together to connect, network, share knowledge and do business'.

Specific discussion between FESTO and LEARNING ACADEMY WORLDWIDE aimed at articulating a proposed public and private partnership that would propel the Academy's vocational training work in South Africa.

What we are interested in", explained Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter "is to build upon innovations by: a) Deploying a micro-solution in two of the towns we work in b) Provide training in the science, knowledge and skills in order to strengthen the implementation of innovations (including a stable energy solution) and c) Provide a demo of those innovations that can potentially serve as a model deployable in other regions and countries.

Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter, LAWW Founder, presents at the Annual General Meeting of FarmtechSociety.


For COVID-19 updates, visit official government site. Click HERE

$30k Donation Gives Wings to LAWW South Africa Projects

Stockholm, SWEDEN, November 2021

The generous support of donors enabled Learning Academy Worldwide to continue its upliftment work for younf people in South Africa. The AGRACADEMY project is the main beneficiary of the donoation where 20 young people study an accredited certificate in Plantproduction.

Partnerships with local communitiy organizations and a local Blueberry nursery means that the learning experiences of the young people lead to immediate work opportunities. In fact, 50% of the students are already placed in production work environments where they are able to earn a sustainable income. Most young people are the only breadwinners in their families and that the study opportunity is accompanied by income related to performance is of great help.

READ MORE HERE about the accomplishments and planned goals for the project.

Partnerships Ignite Vocational Training in Agriculture

Brussels, Belgium, March 2021

As a direct result of a collaborative between Learning Academy Worldwide and Blue Delite Nursery, five (5) young women from the Southern Cape region in South Africa, currently participate in a unique Vocational Training in Agriculture experience. Agri-business opportunities are powerful levers for change, social upliftment, eradication of poverty and meaningful employment and this unique approach is a key driver toward achieving those aspirations.

Learning Academy Worldwide and Blue Delite Nursery jointly fund the young women’s learning-and-earning experiences, including payment allocations toward their unemployment insurance fund contributions and retirement annuities. Bluedelite Nursery assigned a staff member, knowledgeable of Horticulture, to regularly provide knowledge and skills to the young women as part of the work day. Recordings of those learning moments are edited, subtitled and integrated into the reflection and reviewing activities guided and managed by Learning Academy Worldwide.

It is abundantly clear that Mekeala Michaels, Mariana Moolman, Josephine September, Geraldine De Bruyn and Jolene Samuels have all been enjoying this unique experience since their commencement on 15th February this year.

This part of the program will continue for five months, where at different times, they will also be sensitised to specifically think of their own entrepreneurship ambitions and to improve their knowledge of business development plans, business management in order to be ready to start a fully accredited qualification in New Venture Creation later this year. Furthermore, since they are part of a bigger cohort of young people in the same program, they will share their knowledge and skills with the other participants in the nearby rural town of Haarlem. This learning component is a deliberate learning design strategy that seeks to leverage peer learning for the benefit of strengthening knowledge acquisition and skills development. It also elevates personal confidence and human dignity.

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One Year Later

Brussels, Belgium, October 2020

Progress since October 2019 have been overwhelmingly positive and fundamentally favourable, leading to the establishment of renewed initiatives toward the project goals of the newfound South African project named AgrAcademy.

The initiative aims at providing a nurturing-, dignified- and challenging learning environment, close to home, to study the entire value-chain in Agriculture (High Touch), combined with applicable and useful technology tools (High Tech), AgrAcademy brings purpose to the 70% of unemployed young people in rural South Africa.

Since the official launch in Brussels in 2019 supported by the South African Embassy in Belgium and the Swedish Representation to the EU, the project's established the most robust of foundations from which to launch the official Agaracdemy Vocational Training program commencing February 2021.

Also, 25% of the young people who attended the orientation Agricamp in 2019 have, since then, participated in a series of learning experiences that Learning Academy Worldwide organized and funded resulting in:

  • Engaging young people in additional Career-Orientation Agri-Camps/Seminar
  • Establishing Vocational Training Centre in George
  • Creating networks with farmers and markets
  • Managing community-based garden projects in schools and select family gardens
  • Teaching communications and tech skills
  • Students conducting market-research projects
  • On-site visiting of different farms in different farming conditions in South Africa
  • Establishing inter-contentinental Zoom/Skype training sessions
  • Creating websites, and online learning management systems
  • Liaising with several rural community's existing cooperatives, schools and community leaders
  • Advocating for funding support

Young people have described their experiences as positive and encouraging, contributing to a renewed sense of hope for their own futures.

Including corporate collaboratives with Belgian, Dutch and German companies, technical and advisory support from the Belgian-based association in support of Controlled Environment Agriculture and reform-minded individuals, our initiative has gained the momentum necessary to propel it from concept to implementation.

Six young people have signed up for the planned 3-year diploma in Basic Farming planned for commencement in February 2021. During November, recruitment of an additional 20 young people will take place in several rural communities in the Western Cape province of South African.

Thirteen (13) schools in the Kwazulu Natal Province of South Africa will form part of the practical spaces where students will demonstrate their acquired skills and support the establishment of school gardens to meet nutritional needs and serve as an on-site laboratory for studies in Agruculture for young children.

Inspiring Finish to 2020 for a 2021 of Hope

Brussels, Belgium, December 2020



New Footprints in the Soil of South Africa's Vocational Training in Agriculture

14 November, 2019 BRUSSELS, Belgium
External Link of this story.

First Footprints to give Soul to South Africa's Soil

Our Mission

Learning Academy Worldwide is intent on giving children and youth in Southern Africa a fair opportunity at participating in quality formal and informal learning experiences driven by the pursuit for innovative solutions to real problems in order to support entrepreneurship and their meaningful and productive participation as citizens. The Academy serves this mission by:
  • providing quality teacher professional development support
  • leveraging technology as tools for learning;
  • developing and deploying young people as critical connectors to innovation in learning and preparation for entrepreneurship;
  • designing technology-based communications solutions for improved access to content useful for life and learning irrespective of geographical location;
  • mediating reciprocally beneficial exchange between schools, Government, forward-thinking individuals and learning organizations;
  • advocating for constant and consistent sensitivity to special education needs including Deaf Education.