Wisehub Rationale

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Since Learning Academy Worldwide Founder's first attempt to excite leaders to think differently about learning, when he approached the then South African Minister of Education, the late Dr Kader Asmal, in 2000, he was convinced of the fact that leadership is key in transformation. Battling indifference, political apathy, resource scarcity and on the back of plenty of failed projects, a 2013 conference at the Durban University of Technology sparked a shift that led him to ask Principals of several schools at our 2014 summit in South Africa to identify and design projects that would fuel their creativity. The gathering was called, Wisehub.

The three major areas that were selected, Fiscal Management, Special Needs Education and Leading as Mentors represent an initial set of categories based on concerns that these leaders identified.

Encouraged to think differently about these deep concerns, to avoid playing the all too easy blame-game, to view themselves as having a voice instead of making a noise, these men and women pitched projects at a first-of-a-kind Wisehub Summit in 2015. They planned to deploy their projects in their schools and communities. They would have complete management control, free from outside bureaucracies - projects where they would personally be blamed if things went wrong or hailed if there was success. It was an opportunity to dream again, to be curious again, to imagine making a great impact no one expected.

Although it appears that, in the words of the Carpenters, 'We've only just Begun', these Wisehubbers in South Africa are now ready to take the next step as they connect in Cape Town from 18-20 November 2016.